Ivy Bridge-Sporting HP EliteBook Gets Benchmarked

Brad Chacos

Benchmarks were leaking all over the place leading up to the launches of the new AMD and Nvidia GPUs; Intel, apparently, runs a tight ship with a tight-lipped crew. Even though several signs point to an Ivy Bridge launch in less than a week , we've still heard next to nothing about how the new CPUs performs in the real world. Today, however, a review of an Ivy Bridge-sporting HP EliteBook 8470p laptop popped up online.

TheVerge pointed us towards LaptopReviews.com, where the full review is posted . The test notebook rocks an unidentified Core i7 Ivy Bridge proc, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. (LaptopReviews admits those hefty internals probably helped to boost benchmark scores by quite a bit, by the way.) Graphics were provided by the CPU's built-in Intel HD 4000 graphics, a new generation of the technology that will appear in upper-tier Ivy Bridge models.

Ivy Bridge's vaunted thermal and energy improvements seem to (mostly) live up to the hype. LaptopReviews reports that heat was no issue; the laptop never, ever got warm. It ran quiet, too. "Rarely was the fan heard, during any of the more extreme benchmarks that were run on it," the website reports. Battery life was also pretty good compared to previous EliteBook models, though not exactly mind-blowing.

Numbers-wise, the notebook delivered the goods, delivering a 4,520 score in PCMark 7, a 14,659 score in PCMark Vantage, a P3321 score in 3DMark Vantage, and 6.4 Windows Experience Index ratings in both Graphics and Gaming Graphics. LaptopReviews compares those results against PCs running current-gen CPUs. You'll need to check out their review to see the full numbers, but here's a hint: Ivy Bridge > Sandy Bridge.

Image credit: LaptopReviews.com

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