Ivy Bridge GPU Will Support 4K Quad HD Video

Paul Lilly

We already know Intel is planning to build a better GPU for Ivy Bridge than what's currently available in Sandy Bridge, but just how much better it will be is the question. Intel provided a partial answer at this year's IDF event by detailing parts of the next-generation GPU, which the Santa Clara chip maker says will support up to a 4Kx4K (Quad HD) screen resolution.

That's a big improvement over Sandy Bridge, which maxes out at 2560x1600 (WQXGA). VR-Zone.com posted a handful of Intel slides revealing some of the Ivy Bridge GPU's inner workings. Of interest is Intel's Multi Format Codec (MFX) engine, which both supports up to 4096x4096 pixels and is capable of processing 4K Quad HD video.

Good stuff, though as Anandtech points out, it's worth noting that today's display cables don't support that kind of bandwidth. A 4096x4096 resolution at 60Hz with 24-bit color equates to around 36Gb/s, quite a bit higher than DisplayPort 1.2's 21.6Gb/s.

Image Credit: VR-Zone.com

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