Ivy Bridge-E Pricing Leaked

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Socket 2011 CPUs priced similarly to Sandy Bridge-E

Even though the thermal paste is barely dry on Intel’s new Haswell CPU microarchitecture , its performance-oriented Ivy Bridge-E processors are due to be launched soon, and now we finally have some pricing info. According to VR-Zone , we’ll be seeing three Core i7 Ivy Bridge-E CPUs debuting around Q3 this year, including the 4820K, 4930K, and 4960X. Here are the leaked specifications of the CPUs:

  • $990 : Core i7-4960X (6 Cores, 12 Threads, 3.6GHz base, 3.7GHz Turbo, 15MB cache, 130W TDP)
  • $555 : Core i7 4930K (6 Cores, 12 Threads, 3.4GHz base, 3.6GHz Turbo, 15MB cache, 130W TDP)
  • $310 : Core i7 4820K (4 Cores, 8 Threads, 3.7GHz base, 3.7GHz Turbo, 10MB cache, 130W TDP)

These socket 2011 CPUs look as if they will sport only marginally higher clock speeds than their Sandy-Bridge-E counterparts, and will also carry the same amount of cache and TDP rating.

Ivy Bridge-E is expected to arrive Q3 ‘13, and will be followed by Haswell-E in the second half of 2014. If you want to hear our thoughts on Ivy Bridge-E check out episode #201 of the No BS Podcast .

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