iTunes Releases New Feature for Depeche Mode Fanboys (And Other Fanboys, Later)

Maximum PC Staff

So you’re a really big fan of a band. Such a big fan, that you’ll find yourself seeking out any new tracks from the artist and grabbing them at any expense. Don’t feel ashamed, there are others just like you!

One such band that (evidently) has such a fan base is Depeche Mode, and it looks like iTunes is helping hardcore listeners get their fix. A new feature recently released, called the “iTunes Pass,” will allow buyers to automatically get anything new that they release onto the iTunes Store within a set period of time (including albums, special tracks, remixes, videos, etc.).

The Depeche Mode iTunes Pass is being released alongside their latest album, Sounds of the Universe, and will allow buyers to get all they can eat before June 16 of this year. And don’t worry; none of the music will have DRM attached.

Currently, Depeche Mode is the only band with a pass on the popular music store, but it’s expected that others will soon follow once Apple works out any kinks that might remain.

Image Credit: iTunes

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