iTunes 9 on Windows 7 is a Bit Wonky When Synced with the iPhone

Maximum PC Staff

The relationship between things Apple and Windows 7 has hit a small snag. It appears that version 9 of iTunes, when run under the 64-bit version of Windows 7, is having problems synchronizing with iPhones . Given the popularity of iPhones, and the necessity of iTunes for keeping it populated with music, apps, and video, this could be a bit of a problem.

Postings in the Apple discussions, which go on for six pages, report pretty much the same thing--no iTunes-iPhone syncing, with iTunes reporting an error code of 0xE8000065, which like many Microsoft error codes, doesn’t reveal a great deal. In a few other cases users are told MTB USB drivers can’t be installed. As MTB drivers are needed to move media back-and-forth, this makes sense, but it’s not clear what prevents their installation.

Some users have reported turning off Apple’s Bonjour software helps, but others have reported back that either the fix didn’t work, or was only temporary. Other users say they have resolved the problem by taking the drastic step of completely restoring the iPhone, deleting the iPodDevices.xml file, turning on C-State functionality in the BIOS, removing Bonjour from the system, and closing all programs before plugging in the iPhone. Given the scope of this fix let’s hope that Apple gets the problem resolved quickly.

Image Credit: Viper12/Flickr

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