Itty Bitty "Cotton Candy" USB-Sized PC Available For Preorder

Brad Chacos

The battle for itty-bitty computing supremacy is heating up, out of seemingly nowhere. The diminutive Raspberry Pi should be shipping any day now (in fact, its website promises a big announcement on Feb. 29th ) and bringing its $35 1080p video capabilities with it . And if that wasn't enough tastily named micro-computing news, FXI announced that its USB key-esque Cotton Candy minicomputer is now available for preorder, too.

A quick refresher: Cotton Candy sports a 1GHz, dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor paired with an ARM Mali-400 GPU. The stick will ship with 1GB of DRAM and supports up to 64GB of storage via a microSD card slot. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi, USB, MicroUSB, HDMI and Bluetooth. Like the Raspberry Pi, its capable of outputting HD graphics via an HDMI connection; both MPEG-4 and H.264 are supported, as are other, unspecified formats. It'll come preloaded with either Android (Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich) or Ubuntu. You choose which after preordering the PC and registering it online.

Just what would you use it for? FXI takes a stab at usage cases in its preorder press release: Its unique architecture will allow the device to serve as an ideal companion to smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs and Macs as well as will add smart capabilities to existing displays, set top boxes and game consoles .

Speaking of registering it online, FXI just launched , which will serve as the online home of Cotton Candy. Head over there if you want to preorder the $199 PC (which is expected to ship in March) or check out the Cotton Candy page on FXI's website for more technical details.

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