It's Happening: Duke Nukem Forever Officially Locked Down for May 3



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I truly do hope they put forth some maximum effort in this endeavor. Don’t get me wrong, that is like DOOM, that was a pretty good game and the graphics were something to talk about… My only worry is they don’t go making a movie of it like they did DOOM. It was a total flop!! I barely could watch it.. The concept was great but it fell short on execution. I guess only time will tell. 



idk the doom move was half ok maybe but come on iv been waiting on this game for what feels like a life time already i just hope they dont blow it on this one maybe some one can finly do some justice to this game



I'll believe it when I see it on store shelves in person.  Though because it's changed hands so many times, I'm skeptical about how good it's going to be.  I mean, waiting this long doesn't mean it'll be some blockbuster hit, I am worried that all those different changeovers really screwed up what might have been a good story and game when it was originally set to be released. I do hope that if and when it comes out that it does kick ass, but for now I won't hold my breath and be let down again.



Just call it Daikatana 2 and be done with it.



Don't expect some amazing title because it had a long dev cycle.  Its changes hands more then a joint at a party.


Mighty BOB!

Man.. even though I heard it was coming out on May 3 I still instinctively pushed the release date out further in my mind to 2012 instead of 2011.. It's weird to think it is actually happening.



This gives me feelings like the end of movies like Braveheart or 300, where, after the death of the valiant hero is announced, everyone rises up to carry on the hero mission. And the epic victory yell