It's Official: Left-Handed Razer Naga MMO Mouse Coming Due To Popular Demand

Brad Chacos

Late last week, we told you that Razer offered to shine some love down on the left-handed stepchildren in the world and whip together a southpaw Naga MMO mouse if 10,000 people Liked the concept post over on Facebook by April 21st. Well, it didn't take long -- the same day we posted the news, the Facebook page shattered the 10K Like mark , and Saturday Razer announced that it was rolling up its left shirt sleeve and getting to work.

"That Facebook post generated more buzz than we could've ever imagined, which proves that there have been a number of gamers that have had their needs ignored for some time," said Razer boss Min-Liang Tan in the company's press release. "We pride ourselves on being gamers ourselves, and we all know that there is no substitute for gaming with your dominant hand."

Razer also took the time to toot its own horn and mention that the "latest Naga is only the second professional-grade gaming mouse designed specifically for left-handed users" -- the first, of course, being Razer's left-handed DeathAdder variant.

These things don't happen overnight, though -- Tan's original Facebook post warned that a left-handed Naga will take at least a year to develop. The good news: that gives you plenty of time to waltz over to our review of the Naga MMO mouse and see what all the hub-bub is about.

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