It's a Touchy-Feely World: All In One Shipments Outshine Traditional Desktop Growth

Brad Chacos

Touchscreens might not necessarily be the entire future, but they're definitely a big chunk of it. Smartphones and tablets have been selling at a brisk pace over the last couple of years, and now the obsession with smearing fingerprints on your screen has crossed over to desktops; IHS iSuppli reports that all-in-ones are the only shining star in an otherwise flat desktop market.

Well, kinda. Several million more AIOs are expected to ship this year compared to last year, but they're still just a small fraction of traditional desktop sales. The firm forecasts 16.4 million AIO shipments in 2012, compared to 132.3 million traditional desktops. The fuss is about the relative percentage growth for each category: those AIO shipments represent a 20 percent increase over last year's 13.7 million, while the traditional desktop number is basically staying static after shipping 132.0 million units in 2011.

Whaddaya think: will touchscreen screens become more commonplace once Windows 8 hits the streets, or will they remain a novelty for most desktop users? IHS iSuppli thinks the upward trend will continue, with AIOs hitting a still-modest 24.8 million shipments in 2016.

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