IT Solutions Provider Arkoon Vows Support for Windows XP After Microsoft's April 2014 Deadline

Paul Lilly

An alternative to leaving legacy software behind

Microsoft is planning to cut off support for Windows XP in April 2014, just a few months shy of the legacy operating system's 13th birthday. Many computers have long moved on from Windows XP and are now rocking Windows 7 or Windows 8 (or even Vista), though it's estimated that between 20 percent (StatCounter) and 33 percent (NetMarketShare) of PCs around the world haven't yet upgraded. What happens to all those users come April?

Well, they'll cease to be supported by Microsoft, meaning no more security updates. This has dire implications. Once a new vulnerability is discovered, a cyber criminal can exploit it indefinitely knowing that Microsoft won't be plugging up the security hole any time soon, or ever.

However, there are third-party alternatives ready to carry the baton. One of them is Arkoon Network Security, an IT solutions provider that recognizes there are thousands of businesses reluctant to upgrade to a newer OS for one reason or another. Arkoon is ready to cash in on these users and businesses with its ExtendedXP service.

"The ExtendedXP service is built on the industry leading Arkoon endpoint security products and services that are already protecting leading organizations around the world," Arkoon says . "ExtendedXP (EXP) is the only solution on the market to date which will allow for effective proactive protection of Windows XP workstations after April 2014."

ExtendedXP is said to combine the best of its StormShield HIPS technology with a unique monitoring service. Subscribers to the service will receive proactive protection against unpatched vulnerabilities and receive alerts when there are newly identified flaws.

Sounds like a solid alternative to upgrading, though Arkoon didn't announce any pricing information or how soon its ExtendedXP service will be available.

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