"It Just Works" Seventy Percent of the Time

Ryan Whitwam

Apple likes to say their products “just work”, but their definition of “works” seems to be a little different when it comes to the iPhone. A recent visit to the Apple store by one New York iPhone owner ended with a rather confusing diagnosis from the Apple Genius.

Manoj Gupta became frustrated with his iPhone’s propensity for dropping calls. Suspecting there was something wrong, he had the local Apple store run some tests. Luckily, the Genius reported that no repairs were needed. However, that’s not to say nothing was wrong. The phone dropped 22% of calls, which is totally normal for New York apparently.

The report stated that most phones drop over 30% of calls. So clearly, Mr. Gupta is downright lucky to only be dropping 22% of calls. We’ve long heard that AT&T’s network is in a terrible state in New York City, but has it really gotten this bad? If you’re on AT&T in The Big Apple, let us know how your service is in the comments.

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