iSuppli Warns of Upcoming DRAM Shortage

Paul Lilly

Trying to follow the ups and downs of the DRAM market is a crap-shoot at best, but market research firm iSuppli is doing its best and now believes we're in for a shortage .

There are two reasons for this. First, iSuppli says bottlenecks in the availability of tooling equipment are cause for concern, and secondly, challenges relating to immersion yield could throw a wrench into the whole operation.

On that second point, iSuppli says resource constrained companies could have trouble funding the transition to beyond 50nm and end up reducing their total output. Elpida, for example, is in the midst of moving from 6xnm to 45nm, but if the company should run into any unexpected yield issues along the way, bit production could be significantly disrupted, iSuppli said.

Or this could all be much ado about nothing. Stay tuned.

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