iSuppli Predicts 7.9 Million OnStar Subscribers in 2017

Paul Lilly

A market research firm says that you and 7,899,999 other drivers will have an active subscription to OnStar, the automotive telematics communications system installed in General Motors vehicles, by the end of 2017. For the sake of comparison, OnStar claimed 5.1 million subscribers in 2010.

"GM's OnStar has proven the appeal of telematics services among consumers," said Anna Buettner , analyst and regional manager for automotive electronics at IHS iSuppli. "From automatic collision notification to stolen vehicle assistance, to on-board navigation, to remote door unlock, to mobile phone remote control, to destination download from Google/Mapquest, OnStar has delivered a suite of services that motorists like. OnStar will continue to add compelling services in the future, such as remote software upgrade of electronic control units (ECUs)."

iSuppli's prediction might be even be a little on the conservative side. Those numbers only take into account GM-related vehicles, however iSuppli notes there's a possibility for further expansion given the recent agreement made with Best Buy to sell and install OnStar in non-GM vehicles.

Best Buy will charge $299 for the OnStar module (including installation), which OnStar says should be compatible with 99 percent of the top-selling non-GM vehicles made during the last decade.

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