iSuppli: Kinect Sales Exceed Expectations

Paul Lilly

It turns out Microsoft was more than a little modest when it forecast worldwide sales of 5 million Kinect units in 2010. The actual number was much higher, with Microsoft selling 8 million units to retailers by January 4, 2011. The sell-through to consumers was 6.35 million units, according to data provided by market research firm iSuppli .

Meanwhile, Sony was able to "Move" 5.23 million of its motion-control devices by the end of 2010. That number includes all three types of sales: standalone, starter kit, and console bundles. iSuppli figures the sell-through rate to consumers was around 4.26 million. Part of the reason why the Kinect sold better came down to aggressive marketing.

"Sony's marketing investment in Move was dwarfed by Micrsoft's," iSuppli notes. "And although the cheapest standalone Move controller was $100 lower than Kinect, Sony's marketing investment showed in sales. Move went on sale more than a month earlier than Kinect."

Do you own a motion control device (Kinect or Move) or system (Wii)? If not, are you planning to purchase one?

Image Credit: Sam Spratt - Kotaku

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