iSuppli: Internet Enabled TV More Popular than 3D TV

Paul Lilly

All the talk in TV land in recent months has centered around the 3D movement, but according to market research firm iSuppli, 3D TVs are playing second fiddle to Internet-enabled TVs (IETVs).

"Despite aggressive promotions from the industry and intense consumer interest generated by the blockbuster Avatar and other titles, the 3D TV market in 2010 will be limited to a small pool of enthusiastic early adopters," said Riddhi Patel, director and principal analyst for TV systems at iSuppli. "In contrast, IETV is entering the mainstream in 2010. This is because 3D is still dealing with a number of barriers, including cost, content availability, and interoperability, while IETV provides immediate benefits by allowing TV viewers to access a range of content readily available on the Internet."

By the end of the year, iSuppli reckons IETV shipments will reach 27.7 million units. That's a rise of 124.9 percent compared to 2009. By contrast, 3D TVs will see only 4.2 million shipments by the time 2010 comes to a close, iSuppli says.

Over the next few years, IETVs will continue to do well. iSuppli predicts IETV shipments will expand at rates of 50 percent for the next two years, while maintaining double-digit growth rates until the end of 2014.

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