iSuppli Guts iPad 2, Figures Bill of Materials at $326.60

Paul Lilly

Market research firm did what a lot of you would probably like to do -- it took a chainsaw to an iPad 2, tore it open, and spread its guts out all over the floor. Okay, we might be exaggerating just a tad, and iSuppli's purpose wasn't to destroy an Apple product, but to figure out the tablet's bill of materials (BOM). Turns out it costs about the same as an iPad 1.

According to iSuppli, a 32GB iPad 2 GSM model (AT&T 3G) carries a BOM of $326.60. iSuppli figures Verizon's CDMA version to run just at a tad less at $323.25. By comparison, the iPad 1 in 32GB form carried a BOM of $320 back in April 2010.

"Despite the obvious changes to iPad like the enclosure and the battery, and the less obvious changes in the touch screen, the iPad 2’s components and design are remarkably similar if not the same as those of the iPad 1," Rassweiler observed . "The iPad 1 and iPad 2 use the same components and suppliers for the NAND flash, the multi-touch controllers and touch screen drivers, as well as the same core chip in the wireless section as was found in the iPhone 4. Many of the other components—including the apps processor and the Bluetooth/frequency/global positioning system/wireless local area network chips—have the same suppliers and are essentially new revisions of the chips found in the previous iPad and other iPhones."

The most expensive component in the iPad 2 is the display, which iSuppli values at $127. That's followed by the memory ($65.70), mechanical/electro-mechanical parts like the enclosure ($35.50), and battery ($25), and the list goes on. The difference in cost between AT&T's GSM model and Verizon's CDMA version comes down to the baseband/RF transceiver and the GPS.

Full breakdown here .

Image Credit: Apple

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