iSuppli: Galaxy Tab Cheaper to Produce than the iPad

Paul Lilly

According to iSuppli's itemized breakdown of parts, Samsung's new Galaxy Tab carries a Bill of Materials (BOM) totaling $205.22. That's a good chunk less than Apple's iPad, which breaks down to a little over $264 for the 16GB 3G version.

"Instead of matching up with the iPad on a feature-by-feature basis, the Galaxy Tab really is a larger version of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone," said Andrew Rassweiler, director, principal analyst and tear down services manager for iSuppli. "While the design approach makes the Galaxy less expensive to produce than the iPad 3G, it also makes for a product that lacks the same usability. The Galaxy Tab's screen resolution, size, and technology are not at the same level as the iPad. This is a critical difference, given the fact that the display is a key differentiating factor for the iPad."

As is typically the case, the most expensive part of Samsung's tablet is the display, which iSuppli pegs at $57. The Flash memory costs $51, and after that there's a steep dropoff in component prices, starting with the mechanical parts (PCBs, metals, plastics, connectors, etc.) that add up to $15.22.

Get the full breakdown here .

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