iSuppli: Apple to Dominate Tablet Market Through 2012


Apple kick started the tablet 2.0 era with the iPad. While the iPad has become synonymous with the slate/tablet form factor, it is certainly not a perfect embodiment of the tablet concept. However, Apple's tablet can get away with its imperfections as long as there is nothing substantial on the market to compare it with. Of course, that won't remain the case for too long as competitors are readying a raft of tablets to take on the iPad.

But market research firm iSuppli believes Apple will be able to preserve its dominant position in the market despite the upcoming competition : “The iPad will account for an overwhelming 74.1 percent of global tablet shipments in 2010, with the remaining 25.9 percent consisting of a mix of older PC-type tablet products and competitive slates. Even in 2012, the iPad will continue to control nearly two-thirds of shipments, at 61.7 percent, as the competition strives to develop ecosystems of tablet apps and content that can match up with those of Apple.”

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