Maximum PC Staff Aug 29, 2012

Isku Gaming Keyboard

At A Glance


Tons of buttons; on-the-fly macros; integration with Kone+.


Big. Really, super-duper XXL big.

They must have really big desks in Germany, because the Isku, like the Kone+, is enormous. It is very wide and, with the unremovable wrist rest, nearly 10 inches deep, making it by far the largest keyboard in our collection.

The overall build quality is solid, with nice-looking (if fingerprint-attracting) glossy black accents. We prefer mechanical keys, but the Isku’s aren’t bad at all, as far as dome-switch keys go. The blue lighting effects are nice, and the intensity can be adjusted with a button on the keyboard.

The Isku has all the wrist rest you could ever want, and then some.

Speaking of buttons, the Isku’s got plenty. With its expansive size, there’s room for a full number pad, five macro keys, a full suite of media keys, and three “Thumbster” buttons below the space bar. The macro keys are recordable on-the-fly, and between the five profiles and the macro shift function you have access to more recordable macros than you’ll ever need.

An original feature is the “Roccat Talk” set bonus, which allows the Isku and the Kone+ to work together, so you can shift the macros on the keyboard by holding down a mouse button, or vice versa. You can also bind a key on the keyboard to act as a dpi-dampening “sniper button.” In the time we spent testing the peripherals, we didn’t find a ton of uses for the feature, but it’s a neat incentive to buy the matching set.


Isku Gaming Keyboard

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