Is XFX Skipping Fermi?


With intense competition in the graphics market, add-in board (AIB) partners often look for ways to distinguish their products from one another, whether it's a nifty bundle or an exotic cooling solution. So what is XFX planning for Fermi? Absolutely nothing, says Legit Reviews.

"This afternoon we received confirmation that XFX, a division of PINE Technologies, will not be releasing any GeForce GTX 400 series graphics cards to the market when the cards become public next month," writes Nathan Kirsch , founder of Legit Reviews. "XFX was not listed as a launch partner for Fermi and did not issue a press release about the upcoming cards, which might come as a shock to many to many of our readers as they are one of the largest Nvidia AIBs in the world!."

Kirsch goes on to say that the decision belonged to XFX, not Nvidia, which should kill off any conspiracy theories that Nvidia's giving XFX the cold shoulder for carrying ATI hardware.

"It looks like XFX thinks that the Radeon HD 5000 series of graphics card is the right card for the high-end market," Kirsch explains. "From our conversation with XFX they mentioned that they have 'yet to see whether the fermented launch will reach an inglorious anti-climax' and that they want to 'Ferm up to who really has the big guns.'"

Interesting choice of words coming from a major player. XFX has been touted for its excellent 'Double Lifetime Warranty' policy, which allows registered users to transfer their warranty to a second owner.

Image Credit: XFX

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