Is This The First Ion-Based Acer Nettop?

Maximum PC Staff

For some time Nvidia has been telling us that we’d be looking at an Ion based desktop sometime this Spring, but we hadn’t had any reason to believe this given that it has yet to show up in any consumer hardware. That is until recently, when some leaked slides displaying an Acer nettop, were released.

The slides tell us very little about the machine, but what we will know is that it’ll be based off of Intel’s Ion, have HDMI output, will have a wireless controller/mouse, and will supposedly be able to hang from the back of a LCD TV. As for substantial information goes, there wasn’t anything to be found.

Now, none of this has been confirmed by any sources, but there are plenty of convincing slides. So, if you want to take a gander at them and be the judge, check them out here .

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