Is the iPhone Headed to Verizon?

Paul Lilly

Recent rumblings have suggested that Apple's iPhone is headed to Verizon this summer, but is it really? Engadget on Monday said it confirmed that Apple and AT&T entered into a five-year exclusivity agreement back in 2007, which means AT&T is the only game in town until 2012, seemingly putting an end to the rumors saying otherwise. The only problem is, the rumors are getting louder .

Just yesterday CrunchGear uncovered that a media company called Landor Associates is putting together an advertising campaign for Verizon and Apple's upcoming iPhone 4G. The info comes by way of a tipster, so take this one at face value, but as far as CrunchGear is concerned, this "very nearly confirms a Verizon launch of the iPhone at the end of the summer."

While we're hesitant to fully believe an un-named tipster talking about an unconfirmed rumor, one thing we do know is that even if AT&T and Apple did sign a five year agreement in 2007, it's still possible the iPhone could end up elsewhere. Contracts have a way of being revised, after all, so we wouldn't be terribly shocked if the iPhone readlly did end up on Verizon.

Would you be interested in an iPhone if it was offered through Verizon? What mobile phone are you using now?

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