Is Microsoft's New Windows Campaign Violating Trademarks?


Startup company is crying foul over Microsoft's new ad campaign, but not because the commercials suck. Instead, the company claims Microsoft's ads violate the startup's trademark, specifically the phrases "life without walls," "imagine without walls," and "imagine no walls." CEO Zvi Schreiber has sent a letter to Steve Ballmer requesting that the phrases in question be removed from Microsoft's product lineup, website, marketing materials, and anywhere else the software giant might be using them.

Michael Marinello, a Microsoft spokesman, did acknowledge that Microsoft had received the letter, but said in an email "the allegation is without merit." Not so says Schreiber, who claims that has been using the phrase "no walls" in conjunction with its Virtual Computer software, which Schreiber describes as an alternative to Windows.

Going for the gusto, Schreiber not only wants Microsoft to stop using the above mentioned phrases, but wants Microsoft to amend existing ads clarifying that it has not licensed's technology or trademark, as well as mentioning that they do not use the same "features or benefits of the Virtual Computer." All this on top of wanting Steve Ballmer and Co. to negotiate a "good faith" license for past use.

Ready for the kicker? Not only does not yet officially own the allegedly trademarked phrases, but according to PC World, the company filed an application for the trademarks on the same day it sent Microsoft the ceast and desist letter.

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