Is Microsoft Bringing Internet Explorer To The Xbox 360 Console?

Brad Chacos

One thing we never understood about the Xbox 360: it's made by Microsoft, so why the heck doesn't it have a web browser? Even the friggin' Wii has a web browser. Xbox 360 owners who don't feel like hooking a HTPC or laptop up to their TV to get their HDTV Amazon shopping on may have something to look forward in the future, however, as a new report claims that Microsoft is working hard to bring a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 to its home console.

The Verge's sources don't say much more than that, but they do say that the version of Internet Explorer being whipped up for the Xbox will include full Kinect integration, presumably similar to the Kinect integration built into the local Bing search capabilities that are already available. No word on availability, but the Verge says they'd expect an announcement at the upcoming E3 conference.

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