Is Google Courting Skype?


VoIP service Skype, which was acquired by Ebay in 2005 for $2.5 billion, might again change hands if the latest rumor comes to fruition. According to reports, Ebay would like nothing more than to offload the VoIP service to Google. But is Google interested?

According to Eric Zeman at InformationWeek, the search company should be. Despite the tough economic times, which is especially taking its toll on the tech industry, Skype saw its fourth quarter revenues spike by 26 percent over the previous quarter. And while Google has been shutting down some of its services, Zeman contends that Skype would make a natural fit alongside services like Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, and more. It's also interesting to note that a Skype thin client (in beta) exists for Google's Android platform, and a Skype acquisition could lead to native support.

Hit the jump and tell us whether or not you think this would be a good move for Google.

Image Credit: Skype

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