Is Chrome Set To Dethrone Firefox?

Brad Chacos

For years, the browser race was a one-horse affair: it was Internet Explorer’s way or the highway. Then Firefox crawled out of the Netscape wreckage and established itself as a viable, free alternative to Microsoft’s bundled software. Google’s Chrome may be the feisty new kid on the block, but a new report says it very well may unseat Firefox by the end of the year for the worldwide number two slot in the cut-throat browser wars.

Computerworld sifted through the data pumped out by StatCounter in order to make the claim. Just yesterday, Firefox’s share of the market stood at 26.8 percent, while Chrome clocked in just below that at 23.6 percent. The publication made the prediction based on Chrome’s astonishing growth rate; Google’s browser has making big gains in market share while both Firefox and Internet Explorer have both been seeing slight decreases. Going by StatCounter’s numbers, and assuming current usage trends continue, Chrome should just about break even with Firefox in November and surpass its rival in December.

Gregg Keizer, the author of the article, admits that the browser data from Web metrics company Net Applications looks very different. That firm only has Chrome claiming 15.5 percent of usage, with Firefox claiming 22.6 percent. But that firm’s overall trend matches StatCounters; Chrome is rapidly gaining ground while users slowly slip away from Firefox and IE. If current trends remain the same, Keizer reports that Chrome should surpass Firefox usage by mid-November in Net Applications’ metrics.

No matter whose numbers you use, one thing’s for certain; Chrome’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. Have you defected to Google’s browser, or are you still a Firefox fan?

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