Is AMD Having Second Thoughts About Killing Off ATI Brand?

Paul Lilly

AMD made it clear that the ATI brand was living on borrowed time, and with the introduction of AMD's Radeon HD 6800 series, we figured ATI was officially dead. We may have been wrong.

Credit goes to Fudzilla for spotting a page in AMD's Developer Central portal outlining six upcoming Radeon 6000 series cards, and unlike the 6800 series, these new parts carry the ATI label. They include the ATI Radeon HD 6230, ATI Radeon HD 6250, ATI Radeon HG 6290, ATI Radeon HD 6390, ATI Radeon HD 6510, and ATI Radeon HD 6750 cards.

These are all Evergreen parts and may end up being renamed before all is said and done, or as OEM cards, but at least for now it appears the ATI label may live on a little longer.

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