Irrational Games Delays BioShock Infinite to 2013; Will Skip E3

Paul Lilly

Sorry BioShock fans, you'll have to sit back and wait for February 26, 2013 to roll around before getting your hands on BioShock Infinite. Take-Two Interactive on Wednesday announced that the upcoming first-person shooter from Irrational Games is being delayed until next year, with creative director Ken Levine adding, "We're doing things that no one has ever done in a first person shooter."

"I won’t kid you: BioShock Infinite is a very big game, and we’re doing things that no one has ever done in a first-person shooter," Levine stated in an open letter to the public. "We had a similar experience with the original BioShock, which was delayed several months as our original ship date drew near. Why? Because the Big Daddies weren’t the Big Daddies you’ve since come to know and love. Because Andrew Ryan’s golf club didn’t have exactly the right swing. Because Rapture needed one more coat of grimy Art Deco."

Levine said the same attention of detail also applies to BioShock Infinite, which ultimately means a "bit more waiting, but more importantly, it means an even better" game.

BioShock Infinite was originally scheduled to ship in October, so barring any more push backs, this amounts to about a four-month delay. You won't get to see a whole lot until then. Take-Two Interactive and Irrational Games have decided not to show BioShock Infinite at any of the big events this summer, including E3 and Gamescom.

"That way, the next time you see our game, it will be essentially the product we intend to put into the box," Levine explained.

Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive / Irrational Games

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