IrFanView: How to Batch Resize Images


IrFanView: How to Batch Resize Images


Resize multiple images at once for free with IrFanView

Resizing images can be a monotonous task, especially, if you're trying to change the resolution/size of more than 100 images. Luckily free batch imaging software IrfanView can batch resize photos quickly and easily. For those who don’t know what batch processing is, it's taking a group of photos and editing them all at once using the same set of editing commands. For example, if you want to edit a group of 1920x1080 images and resize them to 1280x720 or simply want smaller-sized images to email/store on a small USB stick, you can have IrfanView reduce the size of all the images at the same time, so you don’t have to do it for each individual photo. Considering the program is free to use, we wanted to show you how you can quickly save time and energy editing your photos.  

Step 1: Go to and click on the Download link in the left hand column.

Step 1

Step 2: Choose the host you want to download from. We chose TechSpot and clicked on the TechSpot-Download IrfanView link.

Step 2

Step 3: You’ll be sent to the TechSpot website. To start your download click on the blue Download Now button. 

Step 3

Step 4: Run the IrfanView installer. 

Step 4

Step 5: Launch IrfanView and click File then click on Batch Conversion/Rename… 

Step 5

Step 6: This window should appear now. Select the folder of images you want to process from the Look in box (For images to be batch-processed, they all need to be in the same folder together). 

Step 6

Step 7: Once the folder is selected, you can choose which images you want to process by selecting the image and hitting the Add button, this will add the images to the batch queue. 

Step 7

Step 8: Click on the Advanced button to customize your preferences for processing the selected images. Click Save Settings to save your current preferences. These preferences will be saved as an INI file. Once you’re done click the OK button and you will exit the Advanced menu window.

Step 8

Step 9: Now you can batch process the images by clicking on Start BatchNote: By default, the processed images will be sent to your C: Drive’s TEMP Folder. You can change this location in the Output tab. 

Step 9

Step 9_2

Once you start the batch, this window pop up and tells you when it's completed. To exit this window click on Exit Batch.

Other helpful IrfanView editing tips:

Changing the file type of an image: You can also change the file type of an image by clicking on the Output Format drop-down menu. IrfanView supports a multitude of popular photo formats, which include TIFF, JPEG, GIF, RAW, and PNG to name a few. 

Changing the File Type

Adjusting image quality: An image’s quality can be adjusted by clicking on the Options menu. The quality can be adjusted with the slider at the top of the menu in case your original image files are too big (the lower the setting, the smaller the file size will be).

Adjusting Image Quality

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Irfanview is one of the first things I install in my PCs (that and Firefox). It's extremely useful and very light.



IrfanView is very powerful, but has always felt a bit clunky. XnView has a comparable feature set (including batch tools), but feels far more elegant. It's tiny and needs no install.



Irfanview is great. I think I picked it up a while back due to a MaximumPC "free apps you need"-esque article.

I wish it let me remap the hotkeys though.



Dimensions 2 Folders with presets - organizational pre-processing

Double Killer - duh

Image Resizer - Process and find errors

XnConvert - for webp (fuck webp)



I just use the 'convert' command on linux.

It belongs to imagemagick and looks like it has a windows version, too.



Image Resizer
It add's a simple right click and resize in explorer...

I do use irfranview for A LOT of image needs.
Croping, Converting to almost any format, It's the easiest to use.



Crazy I just needed to do something like this and here is a program for it, I know one can get GIMP to do it but lets see how this fairs.



Isn't GIMP's batch mode CLI-only?



I use IrFanView all the time, it's great.



Gee, I wish you would have put this up sooner. I just put out a game that was having performance issues and needed to resize the textures (over 300). I spent hours in GIMP doing resizes. This would have been so nice...



Sorry about that. Well, at least now you know!



Yup! Every bit of knowledge helps. Maybe not today, but one day, it'll come in handy.