iPod Touch App Downloads Jump 1,000% on Christmas

Maximum PC Staff

If what happens on the front-end is any indication on what’s taking place on the back-end, then Santa gifted a whole lot of people with Apple’s iPod Touch this year. According to reported figures , the number of app downloads for the Touch soared 1,000% on Christmas day.

The figures come from the research firm Flurry, Inc. In reporting the figures Peter Farago, a Flurry spokesperson, said, “IPod Touch devices must have flooded the market over Christmas.” He also noted that “Apple downloads continue to grow at staggering rates.” The Christmas download rate, according to Flurry, is based on the increase over the December Friday average preceding Christmas.

In the on-going comparison to Android apps, Flurry noted that Android apps experienced a 12% increase in downloads from November, while Apple’s apps increased 51%. In addition, Android’s app download volume was 13 times less than that for Apple. (Android apps did see a 93% increase on Christmas Day.)

Christmas’s downloads for the iPod Touch mark the first time they’ve exceeded app downloads for the iPhone.

Image Credit: Apple

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