iPhone-Loving Robbers Leave Android Phones Unpilfered

Brad Chacos

Want to avoid getting mugged? Buy an Android phone – or even better yet, a Blackberry. No, they don’t have any crazy criminal-prevention apps or burglar whistles built in; thieves just don’t want them. Or at least one pair of thieves in Manhattan don’t want them. Apparently, two robbers have been accosting Columbia University students for their iPhones. No other phone will do! The crooks even let one victim keep a perfectly good Droid, police say.

The robbers still snatched the poor Droid owner’s cash, the local NBC station reports , but at least he could call the cops on his black sheep phone afterwards. A second victim was thrown against a fence and searched after she said she didn’t have an Apple handset, while a third separate victim had actually had an iPhone and was left unharmed after turning it over.

The NBC team asked Columbia students what they thought of the snobbery robberies. “It's insulting they don't want my BlackBerry,” one student responded, while another said that frankly, she didn’t like her BlackBerry either and was pocketing her pennies to buy an iPhone herself.

Image credit: theiloop.com

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