iPhone Hacked in Pwn2Own Contest (Safari, IE8, and Firefox Too)


A handful of hackers will leave CanSecWest's security show a little richer than when they arrived after participating in the annual Pwn2Own contest. Charlie Miller, for example, won $10,000 for hacking Safari on a MacBook Pro without having physical access to the rig. You may recall that Miller, a principal security analyst at Independent Security Evaluators, walked away with $5,000 last year for exploiting a hole in Safari, and $10,000 for hacking a MacBook Air in 2008.

Safari wasn't the only software to fall. Peter Vreugdenhil won $10,000 for hacking Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 browser, wile Nils, head of research at UK-based MWR InfoSecurity, collected the same amount for exploiting Firefox on Windows 7-64 bit (Nils declined to provide his last name).

Both Ralf Philip Weinmann and Vincenzo Iozzo will share a $15,000 prize for hacking Apple's iPhone. They did so with an exploit written two weeks ago designed to steal the contents of the SMS database.

"The payload executes and uploads the local SMS database of the phone to the server we control," Weinmann said.

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Image Credit: appadvice.com

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