iPhone-controlled AR.Drone to Debut in September


The iPad-, iPhone-, or iPod-controlled AR.Drone will hit US store shelves in September, its France-based developer, Parrot, announced at the just concluded E3 Expo. The helicopter, which was unveiled earlier this year at CES in January , is made up of carbon fiber and relies on four fans for lift and thrust.

Any device from Apple's popular trinity of multitouch gadgets can be used to control the AR.Drone using the AR.FreeFlight application, which will be available for free in the App Store. The controlling device can easily be paired with the “quadricopter” using Wi-Fi. Once connected, the drone can beam streaming video to the controlling device, thanks to two on-board cameras.

But even if you are unlikely to fly a reconnaissance mission anytime soon, there is another reason to buy the $300 toy – augmented reality games. The drone will debut with a couple of games, both of which will be available for $2.99 each from the App Store.

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