iPhone Banned in Syria

Ryan Whitwam

As peaceful protests continue in Syria, the regime of president Bashar al-Assad had what must have seemed like a bright idea in the heat of the moment. As of today, Syria has banned the iPhone from the nation. Customs inspectors in the country will no longer allow shipments of the device in, and current users are strongly encouraged to stop using the iPhone. Take that, democracy.

Syrian protesters are obviously using more devices that the iPhone to plan and report the happenings there. However, it turns out that it is a surprisingly popular device among the crowds in the streets. Several iPhone apps have been used heavily to disseminate news on the brutal Syrian crackdown. This is hardly the first time a regime has gone after technology to stifle protests, but it could be the most shortsighted.

No other mobile devices have been affected by the new rules, so we don’t imagine this is going to have a significant effect. Still, this could be one more reason for security forces and police to detain protesters. Despite the governments best efforts, people are still managing to access social networks to keep their movement alive.

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