iPhone 4S Gets Dissected, Siri Sits and Watches

Paul Lilly

We love it when the folks over at iFixIt tear into brand new hardware with Dexter-like precision and exposes the guts. The latest piece of hardware to hit iFixIt's operating table is Apple's recently announced iPhone 4S smartphone that started shipping today. Given that the iPhone 4S is really just an upgraded iPhone 4 in the same mold, will there be any surprises waiting inside?

Sadly, no, but the teardown is cool nonetheless. Apple once again slapped its flagship smartphone shut with Pentalobe screws, those funky bits designed to keep peeping Toms from taking a peek inside.

One thing iFixIt did discover is a slightly improved battery with an extra .05 WHrs. The connectors are slightly different, so it doesn't appear as though you can pick one of these up on Ebay and stick it in your regular iPhone 4. iFixIt also confirmed 512MB of RAM inside, as revealed by the markings on the A5 chip. The A5's part number reads K3PE4E400B-XGC1, where both 'E4' markings represent a 2Gb (giga bit ) LPDDR2 die for a total for 4Gb, or 512MB.

You can view the rest of the teardown here .

Image Credit: iFixIt

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