iPhone 4S Components Priced Out: $188

Ryan Whitwam

As is customary, Apple’s newest mobile device has been torn asunder by curious gawkers in search of a cheap thrill. Also, they want to see what’s inside so they can price out components , but that is pretty thrilling. The iPhone 4S bill of materials was determined by iSupplyi to be roughly $188 for the 16GB version.

The most expensive part is, unsurprisingly, the touchscreen at $37. iSupplyi estimates that manufacturing costs are just $8 per device, so Apple pays less than $200 for the device, and it sells for $200 on contract. The 32GB and 64GB models were priced out at $207 and $254 respectively.

By sticking with a similar design, Apple has reduced the cost of building the device, and will likely enjoy more profit per phone. Considering the number of units moved, it’s going to be a good quarter for Apple.

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