iPhone 4G Scandal Update

Alan Fackler

It’s been an interesting day for Apple enthusiasts, who, thanks to Gizmodo, were given their first look at the next iPhone this morning.  The phone, which was allegedly found at a bar in Redwood City, has all the qualities of a next generation iPhone, including a more industrial design and larger camera.  Rivals Engadget posted rumors that Gizmodo paid $5,000 for the phone with a traffic bonus —a small dividend considering the massive amount of hits it’s received throughout the day.  Though many still question the validity of the story, Gizmodo has taken apart and reassembled the phone and noted that many features, including a front-facing video chat camera, Micro-SIM input, and secondary mic jack, give it away as a real prototype.  What’s more, the phone had been reported lost by a man connected with Apple.  As always, we'll keep you posted on any developments as we come across them.  Think this phone is the real deal?  An elaborate hoax?  Hit the comments below!

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