iPhone 4 Siri Hack Proves Apple is Withholding Features to Sell Hardware

Maximum PC Staff

Normally we pass on Mac or iPhone specific news, but just in case it ever comes up in a debate, 9 to 5 Mac has proven that without a doubt, Apple is indeed shafting iPhone 4 customers. It seems an enterprising young hacker by the name of Steven Smith has not only ported the Siri AI interface to the iPhone 4, but the two way communication with Apple servers is now working perfectly.

A short video posted by Smith shows not only how well Siri works on an iPhone 4, but that performance is almost completely identical to the iPhone 4s sitting beside it. You could make the case that Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4s as a result of it being a “beta” product, but current iPhone 4 owners might still be tempted to label this as somewhat disingenuous.

Some have suggested that Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4s to help improve the value perception of potential customer’s, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Click here to checkout the proof for yourself.

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