iPad Rivals Ready for War in Tablet Space

Paul Lilly

Most would agree that Apple priced its iPad lower than what anyone was expecting, but it still might have a tough time competing with rival tablet makers. That especially includes HP, which according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, is planning to "tweak prices and features" on its upcoming Slate and effectively undercut Apple.

Citing an un-named source, the WSJ says HP has discussed selling a version of the Slate similar to the iPad with 3G for less than Apple's $629 asking price. But HP isn't the only one keeping an eye on Apple.

"For us, the iPad launch is a benchmark," said Mike Abary, a vice president in Sony's Vaio PC division.

According to Abary, Sony is watching how the iPad does and is considering what new devices of its own to develop. So is Acer, who continues to look at the "tweener category" -- the space occupied between a smartphone and a laptop -- and is seriously mulling its own iPad equivalent.

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