iPad Helped Dell Consolidate Lead Over Acer in Q4

Pulkit Chandna

Acer rode the netbook wave to coast past Dell in the global PC market in 2009, but its stay at the number two spot was brief as Dell came back in the second quarter of 2010 to retake that position. If one fad led to Acer’s sudden rise in 2009, another triggered its slide past Dell in 2010.

According market research firm iSuppli, Acer continues to slide in face of some stiff competition for its consumer-focused computer products from iPad and other media tablets, affording second-placed Dell an increasingly stronger sense of comfort.

While it lead by just 0.4 percent in terms of market share at the start of the fourth quarter, Dell managed to stretch its market share lead over Acer to 1.9 percentage points by the end of it. Apart from the tablet effect, this was also due in part to Dell’s strong corporate sales.

The quarter was a good one in general for the PC industry as it achieved a new quarterly record for total shipments, which “amounted to 93.1 million units, up 5.7 percent from 88.1 million in the third quarter of 2010.”

Interestingly, the impressive growth in the fourth quarter was not due to mobile computers but due to strong desktop sales.  According to Matthew Wilkins, a principal analyst at iSuppli, the desktop revival was triggered by strong corporate demand during the quarter.

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