iPad Air Fails Soft Dirt Drop Test, Suffers Slow Motion Abuse

Paul Lilly

Better buy a case if you plan to purchase an iPad Air

Apple's 5th generation iPad is the recently announced iPad Air, a remarkably slim and light slate that's around twice as fast as its predecessor, yet noticeably slimmed down. Perhaps as a result, it's also a little...soft? We're trying to be nice here, and while most tablets aren't built to withstand drops on concrete, we're a little surprised by a YouTube video showing the iPad Air's display shatter when dropped on some soft dirt (to be fair, there were some rocks mixed in).

That's just the beginning. Richard Ryan, host of YouTube's RatedRR channel, likes to post destruction videos recorded with a slow motion camera. In this episode, the iPad Air undergoes a range of torture tests, everything from being dropped on the ground and submerged in water, to being repeatedly pelted with an Airsoft MP7 and, well, you'll have to watch to see what else.

Now the only question is, will it blend ? We're sure it will, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for an upcoming video, anyway.

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