IoSafe SoloPro Backup Drive Review



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I am  firefighter and I can tell you that this is something that everyone should have unless they have off-site backups. The ceramic insulation is a must considering aluminum melts at 1220 degrees F. Although the average house fire is around 1100 Degrees, with all the synthetics in houses today fires can burn much hotter. I have seen a few HDDs that have  been warped from heat, even though the steel case needs to be at around 2600 Degrees before it begins to melt. Also what do you get when there is a house fire? LOTS of water. So water protection is a must. With this insulated enclosure it should be enough for you to get all your data off. I still would not continue to use the drive afterwards though just to be safe.



 I have all of my important digital data listed on my homeowners insurance policy. If that bad boy goes up in smoke then I'm covered for over 5 grand for all of my programs and such. I'm actually hoping it burns up soon. Honestly though if any of you are that concerned for your data you should put it somewhere in the cloud. I was actually suprised that my insurance company allowed me to put coverage on my digital data and can't imagine this is the norm. That's good ole' tripple A for you though.. they will let you put coverage on anything.



Did Brad Dosland give you the idea for this? Did you guys do any Beavis and Butthead impressions? Then did you get in trouble with the fire dept this time?