iOS 4.3 Update Borking iPod Touch Devices

Paul Lilly

If you own an iPod touch, you might want to wait a bit before updating to iOS 4.3. Some users who applied the update are reporting graphical glitches, such as artifacts on the lock screen, as well as unlocking taking a bit longer to work. The quirky behavior seems to be mostly affecting owners of fourth generation iPod touch models.

"Since I've installed iOS 4.3, my iPod touch 4 (only about 8 months old and perfect condition) has been acting strange... For example, when my iPod is locked, on the locked screen on the top (menu bar) the lock icon becomes snowy/glitchy. I've had this happen when notifications pop up," a user on Apple's support forum complains .

The user quoted above posted a YouTube video , which shows his iPod touch wigging out. He's far from the only one complaining about such behavior, however, as there's another thread on Apple's support forum ( here ) where users make similar complaints.

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