IOGEAR ShareStation Puts USB Devices on Your Network

Maximum PC Staff

You’ve got USB devices, and you’ve got a network. Sure, you can plug those printers, scanners and hard drives into a computer and let that machine share them, or you can use IOGEAR’s new ShareStation and allow anyone using your network access to them!

IOGEAR’s ShareStation comes in two flavors – first up is the four port Net ShareStation that allows anyone with a local connection to the hub access to anything that’s plugged into its ports.

The smaller version of the ShareStation is a two port USB Printer Auto Sharing Switch that’s being described as the “only automatic printer switch compatible with Macs and PCs.”

The four port version will run you $99.95, while the smaller cousin will cost $39.95. Both will be available later this month.

Image Credit: IOGEAR

Note: I've been informed to clarifity that the smaller of the two sharestations shouldn't be labeled as a "smaller sibling," but rather as an entirely differnet product. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused! -Andy

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