Investors Hammer Lenovo Following Sony Vaio Buyout Rumor



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Lenovo's consumer products 2 or 3 years ago were dogs, but lately, products like Flex and Yoga look really slick (especially the new Yoga 2 Pro).

What would Lenovo gain from purchasing Sony? Style? (see above) Market share? (already have that)

Lenovo already owns NEC's PC business and is #1 in Japan. Plus I don't think any Sony business would mesh with a China company that well.



"Considering that Sony's Vaio PC division is operating at a loss"

That's because Vaio's are terrible quality, often use proprietary parts, and make typically simple changes (hard drive/RAM) unnecessarily inaccessible

When is Sony going to realize this isn't 1985, they don't control the electronics market and need to fall in line w/ standards?

I personally stopped buying Sony products in 1998 due to this.