Investors Value Dropbox At Over $5 Billion

Maximum PC Staff

Dropbox has come under fire recently over a series of security snafu’s , but even with all the negative press, it remains a utility with no equal for users who are trying to get work done on multiple machines and devices.  Given how ubiquitous the service has become since it launched back in 2007, we expected they would have no trouble locking down additional funding from investors, and we were right.

According to TechCrunch the rumors which pointed to a possible 5 billion dollar valuation were not just accurate, they might be a bit on the low side. Investors are said to be clamoring for a piece of the file syncing service, and it’s estimated the final valuation it could go as high as 6 billion, netting Dropbox founders Drew Houston and Aarsh Ferdowsi up to 300 million in additional funding.

We still won’t have the final number for a couple weeks, but it’s safe to say if you’ve got files tucked away in your Dropbox have no fear, 300 Million buys a ton of hard drives.

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