Introducing Maximum PC's Community Blogs!


Today I'm here to announce the launch of our community blogs, a place for super-users to share their knowledge and opinions with all of our readers. What exactly are super users? They're the top 2% of the top 2% of our community--the people with the most knowledge and expertise on specific subjects--and the willingness to share it with our readers. I'd like to introduce all of our community bloggers to you right now:

Paul "One4yu2c" Lilly - Paul is a longtime forum member and regular contributer to the magazine as well. He's the epitome of a power user, with expertise in all fields. With that in mind, Paul will be heading up our News section.

Chris "Mantabase" Adcock - Chris is another long-time forum member, and the moderator of our modding section. He's completed many kick ass mods and is an expert on all-things mod-related. Obviously, he's going to write our modding blog

Mark Soper - Regular readers will recognize Mark from many features that have appeared in the mag, as well as a series of books covering virtually every topic in computing (including a Maximum PC Windows Vista book ). Mark's going to write our Windows blog.

Norman Chan - In addition to demanding duties as PC Gamer's intern for the last 35 years, Norm regularly writes game reviews for Maximum PC as well. He's writing our Gaming section.

Today, Paul has posted his first few news stories, as well as a brief intro . Be sure to stop by and say hello! And be sure to look for the first posts in our other blogs later this week!

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