Interview With the Award Winning Chatbot AI

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Having apparently run out of actual people to talk to, New Scientist has posted an interview with Elbot, the chatbot that won this year’s Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence.  Structured after the Turing Test, the prize is awarded to whichever bot can fool the most of the 12 judges into thinking that it’s a real person.

Elbot successfully convinced three judges that it was not a chatbot, but rather a human being pretending to be a robot.

Confused?  Check out this excerpt from the interview:

New Scientist:
You and your creator won $3000 of prize money. How do you plan to use the money?

Elbot: As I always say, it’s hard to keep a 600-pound robot down, unless you use gravity.

With natural, sensible dialogue like that, I don’t know how any of the judges could have not been fooled. On that note, if anyone is in need of a quick buck, we suggest entering a chatbot next year that pretends to be a man banging his head against the keyboard.

Anyone who wants to can chat with Elbot ; give it a try and tell us what you think after the break.

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