Interplay Circling the Drain, Fallout MMO Probably Going with It

Maximum PC Staff

From the moment we first saw the Fallout MMO beginning to take shape, we thought it seemed too good to be true. But we just figured we'd get a half-baked, wasteland-wandering WoW clone out of it – not, you know, nothing . Sadly, the latter's now looking like a distinct possibility, as publisher Interplay's found itself in a bit of a pickle. And by “a bit,” we mean one of those mutant “world's biggest” tourist trap pickles that have their own giftshops in towns whose populations are halved anytime someone takes out the garbage.

Put simply, Interplay's in debt. More specifically, over $500,000 in debt. Meanwhile, in Interplay's bank account: $3,000. You do the math.

“If we cannot generate additional income or raise additional capital in the near future, we may become insolvent or be made bankrupt or may become illiquid or worthless,” read an SEC filing uncovered by Develop .

Fallout Online – which is also currently being blocked by Bethesda's lawyers – isn't the only game facing an early trip to the chopping block, either. ClayFigher, Stonekeep, Descent, and Earthworm Jim 4 are also reenacting that one really cliched (but still oddly moving) scene from Toy Story 3. Granted, all hope isn't lost. Interplay just needs more funding, after all. That, however, may well be an impossibly tall order. Straight from the horse's mouth:

“However, no assurance can be given that funding can be obtained on acceptable terms, or at all,” said Interplay in the SEC filing.

“These conditions, combined with the company’s historical operating losses and its deficits in stockholders’ equity and working capital, raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.”

So yes. Not much room for thin rays of hope or lights at the end of the tunnel to squeeze through there. Fingers crossed, of course, as it's never fun to see people lose their jobs. But still, we don't recommend holding your breath.

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