Internet Explorer 11 Patch Makes Browser More Reliable in Windows 8.1



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Initially i was impressed with IE 11 but sooner it started to crash frequently. Since then i tried various solutions but all in vain. However, eventaully one work and i.e. enabling Software Rendering Mode.(courtesy this article : enabled SRM in IE and since then, no crashes but will have to wait and seee.......


John Pombrio

Does not fix the blurry text that some of us are having:


Renegade Knight

Now I know it's not just me.



Instead of all this negativity I hear every time I see an IE article, I thought I would say what was fixed for me after this update. I get no more video card crashes. My video card it a GeForce 560ti.



Sigh... how long has MS been here? And how many times do we hear this crap from them. It's the same as my header subject... improved chocolate. New improved chocolate texture.. bollocks... it's the same stuff, only mixed apparently differently. It still tastes and looks the same. But the majority still believe the bull!



On the principle of 'i use something else', no one would care. Tho' they should, as microsoft is on to somethin', leading to a way of how things gotta look. Soon, others will follow 'cuz microsoft can't make it work by themselves.
That OS of them is too radical! :D



I haven't had any problems with IE11. I'm using FF.
Of course there are those web sites that just won't let you do anything on it unless you use IE. Those are the only times I use it.
But still no problems. (yet)